How to Calculate Critical Path in 7 Steps

We use Critical Path as a tool in a project management to help us identify the longest sequence of tasks that must be completed in order for a project to be finished on time. Calculating the critical path is an essential step in project planning and management, as it helps project managers to allocate resources […]

The Art of Splitting User Stories

User stories are a key element of Agile project management, as they help to define and prioritize the requirements of a project. User stories are brief, concise statements that describe a particular feature or functionality from the perspective of the end user. However, creating user stories can sometimes be a challenge, especially when the requirements […]

Three reasons to use a fitness tracker

FITNESS TRACKERS CAN KEEP YOU MOVING Many people starting on their weight loss journey go into it relatively blind. You could go for a jog and be careful about what you eat, but an informed, structured approach to weight loss relies on having lots of information to hand about your body, your diet and your […]

Clear project confusion with a RACI

Courtesy of Fact of Day 1 A RACI chart is a matrix used to assign roles and responsibilities for milestones of a project. Mapping out ownership eliminates the confusion of “who’s doing what?” Responsible: The team member owning completion. Accountable: The team member who validates the deliverable before it’s deemed complete. Consulted: The people who […]

Break Down Complex Problems with First Principle Thinking

An instrument for decomposing complex problems into simplified solutions, is the strategy of first principles thinking, often otherwise known as reasoning from first principles, and is often leveraged by self-made geniuses such as Elon Musk. In other words, a form of mental reverse engineering. Techtello best puts it as realigning your mindset to demarcate from […]

Getting started with CocoaPods on iOS

CocoaPods is a powerful dependency management tool for iOS developers. It simplifies the process of integrating third-party libraries into your Xcode projects, enabling you to focus on building amazing iOS applications rather than dealing with manual setup and maintenance. This blog post aims to shed light on what CocoaPods is, its benefits, and how it […]

Working Backwards at Amazon

Amazon’s catalyst for innovation lies in its perspective to always think from the customer backwards. That’s how most successful projects get done, and it all starts with the commonly used Amazonian phrase, working backwards. Before building a charter, a project plan and setting out timelines, the first artifact that a customer-centric project entails is the […]