Putting the Internet to work for you with IFTTT

What is IFTTT you ask? Short for if this then that, this is an online service (and mobile if you have android) that allows you to do things/actions based on triggers. That is you can Put the Internet to work for you with IFTTT.   OK, so another way of putting it: You can find an existing recipe from the […]

Choosing the correct Data Structures

Following on from the article I posted up on Big-O Notation, with Objective-C it’s important to understand what data structures to choose, in order to code with performance in mind. Among many of the lessons we have to learn, premature optimisation is one trap many programmers fall into: Optimization can reduce readability and add code that is used only […]

Big O Notation Cheatsheet

So this is something I always tend to forget as I grow more grey hair, but a good source reference for Big O Notation as a cheatsheet, can be found at http://bigocheatsheet.com  which I have included below. Of course this would be invaluable in job interviews, so read up and prep up beforehand and you should be fine: Searching […]

Free Git Cheatsheet

I am an avid git user, as my developer’s choice for coding version control. However, I mostly use tools like Gitbox and GitTower to do my git work, I do sometimes have to drop down to terminal-level for certain functions. I found this great cheatsheet, thanks to the guys at Git Tower who have combined the most common (yet least remembered) Git actions […]

Learn anything in 20 hours

Passing on a post from LifeHacker [http://goo.gl/9wea5]: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=5MgBikgcWnY   It’s a long, 20-minute TEDx Talk, but entertaining and enlightening too. The four steps in Kaufman’s method are: Deconstruct the skill: Break down the parts and find the most important things to practice first. If you were learning to play a musical instrument, for example, knowing just a […]