Capture the Attention of Venture Capitalists with the 10|20|30 Rule

A man I respect a lot, @guykawasaki, who has worked with Apple, Google and has been behind a lot of great venture projects under Garage Technology Ventures, evangelizes a great approach towards capturing the interested investor or investors, without over-burdening them with unnecessary crap. It’s called the 10|20|30 rule. Simply put, it means: 10 Slides in your presentation […]

Listen to your competitor’s customers

An interesting article on the merits of not just listening to your own customers, but your competitors’ customers as well, thanks to Much has been written about wether or not you should worry about your competitors or completely ignore them. A quick Google search brings ups many opinions one way or the other. Every […]

6 Apple Watch Apps That Will Make Your Life Easier

Read my latest post on @thinkApps, at: On the heels of Apple’s announcement of the Apple Watch last September, the company has released the WatchKit SDK as well the XCode WatchKit Simulator to simulate third-party wearable apps. With some months still before the expected launch of the watch itself, Apple has given developers a head start to experiment and test its capabilities, discovering […]

5 Mistakes we all make with product feedback

I recently went through an article written by @destraynor titled 5 mistakes we all make with product feedback that I enjoyed, and wanted to run through it. Having read a lot of literature this past year, on Lean Customer Development and this article put into perspective over five-points, common mistakes that are made from false assumptions when reading customer […]

Value vs Waste: Customer Validation

I have come to learn, working for a startup for the past few months, the importance of Customer Validation. Granted, I have been immersing myself in one of my favourite books, The Lean Startup by Eric Ries, but correlating the chapter’s philosophies with what’s happening on the ground, is understanding and evaluating what is value […]