What is Git Rebase? A TPM’s Perspective

Git Merge Git Merge is a straightforward method for integrating changes from one branch into another. When you merge a branch, Git creates a new commit that combines the changes from both the source and target branches. This new commit represents the merge point and has multiple parent commits. Merging preserves the complete history of […]

Convincing engineers to embrace tools like JIRA

If I had a penny for every time I brought in a new group of engineers to work on a project, and had to debate with engineers, on the merits of using a proper project management tool, beyond Trello or GitHub issues. As a program or project manager, you want to be able to track […]

Free Git Cheatsheet

I am an avid git user, as my developer’s choice for coding version control. However, I mostly use tools like Gitbox and GitTower to do my git work, I do sometimes have to drop down to terminal-level for certain functions. I found this great cheatsheet, thanks to the guys at Git Tower who have combined the most common (yet least remembered) Git actions […]