Understanding Lifetime Customer Value (or LTV)

Lifetime Customer Value or LTV is a crucial concept in analytics, a metric that simply express what the customer is worth (value), from the time she signs up, throughout her lifetime of interactions with your app, in the future. Through a general formula of value of same x number of repeated transactions x projected length … Continue reading Understanding Lifetime Customer Value (or LTV)

Get custom analytics, easily

In the startup-world, from conception to launch and acquisition, usually involves mass user acquisition, in order to increase brand value, and ultimately become a more attractive proposition for further investment, or even potential acquisition. Operating in such a competitive landscape, analytics has become a critical factor. Knowing and understanding app usage is crucial, understanding what features … Continue reading Get custom analytics, easily

Start modelling your business hypotheses with a Lean Canvas template

Amazing ideas come to you in the most inconvenient of times, despite your mind being a great incubator of ideas, whether you are out and about, or going for a jog in the park, and you don’t want that idea to escape your mind and conscious. Lean Canvas Template is a template you should download now and … Continue reading Start modelling your business hypotheses with a Lean Canvas template

Finding your one Metric that Matters (OMTM)

A while back I reviewed a lovely book , Lean Analytics, which was posted by Alistair, called Finding your One Metric That Matters. In paraphrasing the post, the author emphasises whilst t's not wise to neglect all other analytical measures and pigeon-hole yourself on one, giving one metric a focus over another one allows you … Continue reading Finding your one Metric that Matters (OMTM)

Review of Lean Analytics | Croll & Yoskovitz

Don't let the title deceive you, this book isn't lean by any means, but choc-full of pragmatic information on how to adjust your analytical strategy to follow only the information that is relevant to your business. For me,  Lean Analytics by Alistair Croll, Benjamin Yoskovitz, opened me up to a whole new way of thinking, and how to align … Continue reading Review of Lean Analytics | Croll & Yoskovitz