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@doronkatz is a Mobile & Web| UX Designer | Developer | Evangelist

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Me in a Nutshell

Doron Doron is an established Sydney-based Mobile Developer, Analyst and Evangelist. A pupil of Agile Project Management, Doron subscribes to the philosophies of BehaviourDriven Development (BDD),  anticipating user interaction prior to design, that is. Doron is also heavily involved in various technical user groups, such as CocoaHeads Sydney, and Adobe user Group. Doron is also a published author, and regular contributor on ProgrammableWeb, and enjoys experimenting with various Google API and third-party iOS projects and frameworks. Achievements include working on various web projects, using ColdfusionFlash/Flex with various frameowrks, as well as Android (Flex) and iOS (Objective-C) projects.   Say Hi, drop me a line :)

My Skill-set

In years
  1. Flex/Adobe Air 4.5
  2. Objective-C 3.5
  3. HTML/CSS 4
  4. Coldfusion 4.5
  5. Ruby On Rails 1
  6. Bootstrap 1
  7. Angular 0.5