3 Trends Marketers Need to Know About Location-based Advertising |

An excellent article by Steven Jacobs of StreetFight on the 3 Trends Marketers Need to Know About Location-based Advertising. Location-based advertising has exploded in recent years as brick-and-mortar brands shift digital and traditional budgets to mobile.  The result has fueled the growth of one of the quickest moving sectors in an already chaotic ad tech industry where tactics, […]

How to get started with Twitter’s Fabric

My latest article on ProgrammableWeb, covering Twitter’s new suite of mobile tools: Twitter used its first Flight Developer’s Conference in San Francisco in October to announce a new suite of utilities designed to deliver richer integration between Twitter and mobile apps, dubbed Fabric. Fabric is an aggregation of Twitter SDK updates and utilities from the recently […]

How to integrate CloudKit into your App Today

Overview Welcome to the second of a three-part series on iOS 8, where we will dive into the exciting world of CloudKit, after introducing you to HealthKit in our previous article. CloudKit is Apple’s attempt at providing an answer to Dropbox, Parse, and the other cloud-based solutions, decoupling the developer’s attention from having to deal with server-side application […]