Working Backwards at Amazon

Amazon’s catalyst for innovation lies in its perspective to always think from the customer backwards. That’s how most successful projects get done, and it all starts with the commonly used Amazonian phrase, working backwards. Before building a charter, a project plan and setting out timelines, the first artifact that a customer-centric project entails is the … Continue reading Working Backwards at Amazon

Amazon LPs: Learn and Be Curious

Amazon’s Leadership Principles, or LPs help its employees hold themselves and each other accountable, through tangible and measurable qualities that guide and lead decision-making, with customers at the forefront.  This article will focus on the principle of Learn and Be Curious.  What is learn and be curious? Amazon’s official quote for this principle is: Leaders are never … Continue reading Amazon LPs: Learn and Be Curious

Planning for Edge Cases, by Using Amazon’s ‘Dogs Not Barking’ Technique

When writing formal annual planning documents at Amazon, Operational Planning 1 (OP1), there is an FAQ that is always inserted, and it is more of a phrase, “Dogs not barking”. It is an essential FAQ item to help ensure the author or authors of the OP1 document cover not just the obvious topics and initiatives, … Continue reading Planning for Edge Cases, by Using Amazon’s ‘Dogs Not Barking’ Technique