Finding your one Metric that Matters (OMTM)

A while back I reviewed a lovely book , Lean Analytics, which was posted by Alistair, called Finding your One Metric That Matters. In paraphrasing the post, the author emphasises whilst t’s not wise to neglect all other analytical measures and pigeon-hole yourself on one, giving one metric a focus over another one allows you […]

Big O Notation Cheatsheet

So this is something I always tend to forget as I grow more grey hair, but a good source reference for Big O Notation as a cheatsheet, can be found at  which I have included below. Of course this would be invaluable in job interviews, so read up and prep up beforehand and you should be fine: Searching […]

Apple should be more service-oriented, less hardware oriented

A week after hype surrounding Apple’s delivery of it’s latest iteration of iPhones, the iPhone 5S and it’s cheaper cousin, the iPhone 5C, it’s time to reflect on the state of Apple’s innovations.               No one could argue that there weren’t really any surprises in this year’s announcements, the internet has been […]

SEO & Problem Words, Disambiguation, and Diversity

Google’s search engine algorithm has difficulty disseminating certain words, because of disambiguation, where a word could mean different things in different contexts. Such as when someone types in boxers, it could mean a breed of dog, underwear or fighters, so how does the search engine know how to deal with these cases? How do we get […]