Amazon and Pizza

What is the deal with Amazon and pizzas? The optimal size of an engineering team should be able to be fed by two large pizzas. Abbreviated as 2PT.

Akin to the ideal size of a scrum team, which should ideally be between 7 and 9, smaller focused teams spend less time on communications and focused on what matters most. How many people does two pizzas feed? 6-10.

Composed by senior executives (S-teams), the smaller the teams the more collaborative, moving software releases in a more nimble manner. The idea is that 2PTs should also be as autonomous as possible, decoupled enough to not be a bottleneck or tightly dependent on other teams, to move faster.

According to AWS, imagine a situation in which a new product feature needs to be released or a bug needs to be fixed you want this to happen as quickly as possible, so you can have a smaller go-to-market timed. This is also important as you don’t want the transformation to be a slow-moving process rather than an agile approach where waves of changes start to make an impact.

More effective 2PTs create strong interfaces with other teams, and expose APIs to unblock them.

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