Choosing the correct Data Structures

Following on from the article I posted up on Big-O Notation, with Objective-C it's important to understand what data structures to choose, in order to code with performance in mind. Among many of the lessons we have to learn, premature optimisation is one trap many programmers fall into: Optimization can reduce readability and add code that is used only … Continue reading Choosing the correct Data Structures

Finding your one Metric that Matters (OMTM)

A while back I reviewed a lovely book , Lean Analytics, which was posted by Alistair, called Finding your One Metric That Matters. In paraphrasing the post, the author emphasises whilst t's not wise to neglect all other analytical measures and pigeon-hole yourself on one, giving one metric a focus over another one allows you … Continue reading Finding your one Metric that Matters (OMTM)