Review of JQuery Mobile | Jon Reid

Okay, today we are going to reviewJQuery Mobile, by Jon Reid. To put up the disclaimer, I have always been hesitant to touch jQuery or javascript, coming from a Flex background, but having seen a lot of impressive sites and mobile apps built purely out of HTML5/CSS3 and JQuery, I thought I might have to give this book a go.  

A subset of the overlying JQuery framework, this book is at the more concise offspring textbook that provides good coding examples in aiding in the process of creating web mobile apps. Even if you don’t have a strong JQuery background, learning by example, doing what you want to do through a mobile-focused book is perfect for you, as it was for me. I use it as a reference but will follow more of the examples as need be, but some things you may get lost of if you don’t hold some grasp of JQuery. It did derail me a little but i just picked up some interesting web links to help me with those concepts, if i got stuck on a particular section. Overall I enjoyed the style of Jon Reid, and would certainly recommend this book, as part of your development arsenal.

Concise: [rating=3.5]

Level: [rating=3.5]

PriorKnowledge: JQuery and Javascript

Myrating :[rating=3.5]


Author: John Reid

TitlejQuery Mobile, 1st Edition

Publisher: O’Reilly Media

Year: June 2011