The dirty little secret about Google Android

Google Android began with the greatest of intentions — freedom, openness, and quality software for all. However, freedom always comes with price, and often results in unintended consequences. With Android, one of the most important of those unintended consequences is now becoming clear as Google gets increasingly pragmatic about the smartphone market and less and less tied to its original ideals.

Disable Facebook Places

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Facebook now lets you share your whereabouts with your friends by “checking in” to a location through Facebook Places.

But Places does have an odd quirk — even if you don’t want to share your location everywhere you go, your Facebook friends can share it for you. Just like they can tag your face in a photo, causing that photo to be associated with your account, your Facebook friends can tag you as being at a location, “checking you in” to a place on your behalf. The fact you’re at a location will show up on your Wall, and your friends will see your face appear on the Facebook page of that bar, restaurant or strip club under a list of “People here now.” You’ll receive a notification that you’ve been tagged (just like a photo) and you can go into Places and un-tag (un-check-in) yourself.

But if you don’t want to share your location at all, ever, with anyone, you can opt-out of Places entirely. Here’s how to turn off Places in Facebook.

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PayPal payments soon Android-integrated?


PayPal could go beyond an Android app to an integrated payment system, according to recent reports.

PayPal could go beyond an Android app to an integrated payment system, according to recent reports.

eBay’s PayPal is in talks with Google to about adding its payment service to Android devices, according to a Bloomberg report Friday.

If the discussions to use PayPal for Android application purchases go well, the service could be available on smartphones with Google’s software by the end of this year, according to Bloomberg’s unnamed sources.

Android app purchases currently are made using a credit card or Google’s own competitor to PayPal, Google Checkout. PayPal is already available as an application for accepting and making mobile payments on several mobile platforms, including Android. The reported description of PayPal for mobile sounds like it would work in a more integrated fashion on Android, similar to how the iTunes Store works on Apple’s iOS devices.

Google’s chief competition in smartphones, Apple, uses iTunes to handle payments for app purchases on its iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad.

In June, PayPal announced a new service for app developers that will let them accept credit card payments using PayPal without requiring buyers to have a PayPal account, called Guest Payments. Software developers offer credit card payments for applications, in addition to PayPal’s electronic transferring of funds between a buyer and seller.

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Website downtime

I want to apologise to people who tried to access my website over the weekend. There have been some Denial Of Service (DOS) attacks on the server that is hosting my website and had to change servers a few times in order to get things back running, and it looks okay. Ill keep monitoring it, but I just wanted to make an official apology. 


Great Flex Podcasts/Resources through iTunes

I just thought I’d share some good iTunes podcasts/resources that you can subscribe to, that will enrich your knowldge of Flex. A great way for you to casually listen to video and audio podcasts while commuting on the train, or during your downtime, if you have an iPhone, iPod or iPad, or even on your laptop. Adobe themselves have official podcasts:

  • Adobe Developer Connection – contain HD video how-to’s with a lot of Flash/Flex content, as well as Coldfusion
  • Flex in a Week – is a fantastic HD tutorial package that gives you free training in Flex 4. Another official Adobe release, which is available to view through Adobe, or to download via iTunes.
  • Flash Catalyst 1:1 – provides Flash catalyst tutorials in HD, which is handy for those of you who want to explore the designing phase, divorced of the actual development.

There are also some audio podcasts, which are not Adobe’s but rather unofficial. 

  • The Flex Show – seems to be quite regular, with a lot of interviews, something more casual than the above training material, so I’d recommend subscribing to.
  • Flextras – made by the same folks as the Flex Show, has some nice tutorials and how-tos, great supplement to their main show.

Hope this helps, and if anyone else has any more shows they would recommend, please don’t be shy.