Review of iOS 6 Programming Cookbook

Posted on January 16, 2013
iOS 6 Programming Cookbook follows on from iOS 5 Cookbook, which I thoroughly enjoyed by Vandad Nahavandipoor, this is the third revision I am reviewing, with incremental improvements to keep you up to date with the latest version of iOS. For the most part, you can review my previous reviews on this book, for which I consider this book to be a fantastic and essential part of your programming literature toolkit.
It goes through the normal problem–>solution–>discussion process to allow you to quickly identify which topic matches your needs and then explains that topic concisely with an example, rather than go through all the fluff. The fluff is left for the discussion part in case you wanted to know more. But if this isn’t your ideal way of learning, in a non-linear but contextual method, then keep this book as a reference.

With the latest additions to iOS 6 including tops such as Apple’s Passbook implementation, so this book devotes a chapter or two on Pass Kit, the API to allow you to implement a loyalty card system on your app (or even exclusive of an app).  New runtime features  have also been included in this revision, as well as examining Auto-Layout, a new way to layout your UI elements within a XiB file (or programmatically). iCloud has also been given some love as it matures through iOS, by the author, which is good.

Overall, I don’t have any complaints, the changes are incremental and if you own the previous edition, it may be questionable whether it is worth the upgrade, but otherwise, a fantastic book with solid examples and features.

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iOS 6 Programming Cookbook
Author: Vandad Nahavandipoor
iOS 6 Programming Cookbook, 3rd Edition
Publisher: O’Reilly Media
Year: November 2012




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